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About Us


Being established in 1982, we continuously had the quest for supplying superior and affordable form of products and services to Sri Lankans in various ranges of Motor Spare Parts. Our products are synonymous with quality and reliability. The growth of our organization was propelled by the salesboom of motor vehicles in Sri Lanka in the backdrop of economic growth during 1980s.

Keeping our clients satisfied for over 30 years in every kind of services we offer had been our key objective. Our aim is to secure our partners and end users with the highest quality products and materials, ensuring our customers experience not only convenience but also a sustainable choice. Our brake shoes, brake pads and other related products are built to last long, fixed using the most modern processes and subjected to highly stringent quality control to comply with all regulatory standards.

Dhinuco Automotives today proves to be a reliable provider in vehicle friction solutions in Sri Lanka. Being a customer oriented business we pride ourselves in giving you the best experience, day-in and day-out. Our knowledgeable and experienced team specializes in repairing and servicing Japanese, European and Indian vehicles. We can look after your vehicle whether it’s a small car, van or light/heavy truck. We have expanded our product portfolio and now provide you with a better and comprehensive customer care service and an after sales service.We have been in a journey to keep the long lasting goodwill and trust of our customers as a supplier of high-quality friction parts and maintenance solutions provider. Our comprehensive sales network is exclusively created to offer the best service to our customers and make their lives convenient in maintaining their vehicles. Dhinuco Automotives means quality, responsibility and proficiency delivered in cooperation with our stakeholders to achieve fair and open business development.



Our Vision

To be the most reliable market leader in the automotive spare parts sales, distribution and repairs in Sri Lanka with profitable growth, superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.



Our Mission

To apply quick, fair and reasonable strategies on business expansion, company management and employment policy in order to fulfill the commitment towards customers, suppliers and our employees.